ViPortal for SME
An e-portal for small and medium enterprises which are in demand for product introduction and advertisement 
Manage content

News is displayed in categories. The users can add new, edit, delete and censor posts easily. Additionally, customers who require SEO for their news or categories are fully supported. It helps the SME to distribute and advertise their products, services and benefits, aiming at obtaining the highest performance when marketing.

Integrate other software

Government portal is integrated with other software such as document management system, multimedia, helping the users to easily change and synchronize contents with other systems of the enterprises.

Diverse platforms

Users can use this portal on many platforms such as Web Application or Mobile Interface.

Friendly and easy-to-use interface

The managers can easily make changes without wasting time to get used to the system.

Smart report

The portal can aggregate reports and flexibly summarize data under the form of Dashboard and Pivottable reports.

High performance

Education portals use modern database structure, helping to increase the processing speed of the system so that the users can use features smoothly.