ViPortal for Education
An e-portal solution built for DOETs, BOETs and schools
Manage news

News is displayed following its category. The users can add, edit, delete or censor news easily. Additionally, customers who require SEO for their news or categories are fully supported.

Manage categories

The users can add multiple categories simultaneously, edit and delete them easily. These categories are also flexible and highly customizable.

Integrate other software

Education portal is integrated with other software such as official dispatch management, school management and score check.

Integrate Single Sign On

This feature helps to synchronize accounts to access other subordinate portals and software integrated with e-portal.

Diverse platforms

Users can use this portal on many platforms such as Web Application, Mobile Application or Windows Desktop.

Convenient social network

The customers can search transaction information, product and service information, discounts and so on.

Smart report

The portal can aggregate reports and flexibly summarize data under the form of Dashboard and Pivottable reports.

High performance

Education portals use Big data and europhone distributed databases, helping to manage transactions of millions of customers.