LMS for Training Center
A learning management system for training centers that can be easily customerize based on realistic requirements
Manage training

Set up the training courses for each period of time

Build lectures suitable for various teaching methods. 

Create the criteria flexibly for the entrance and graduation

Study and take exams

Join virtual classrooms everywhere at any time with devices connected to the Internet 

Create groups to train learners 

Take exams and test following the procedures 

Follow the timetable to teach and study

Manage the system

Manage reports on the information of users 

Manage reports on access of users 

Manage reports on the lectures and the progress of learning 

Manage reports on content moderation


The lecturers and learners can use this system everywhere at any time.

Convenient training content creation

The system provides tools to create learning materials and create virtual classrooms quickly.

Continuing management

The system provides instant information and reports, helping the managers to follow the center generally and in detail.

Diverse platforms

The users can use this system on different platforms such as Web Application, Mobile Application or Windows Desktop.