LMS for K12 Education
A learning management system used in education sector from kindergaten to high school level
Build e-lectures

Create lectures and tests following topics (Circular no. 32 of MOET)

Build question bank and courseware bank

Participate in virtual classroom

Create virtual classrooms upon the demand of the teachers and students for teaching, learning or meeting.

Study and take exams

Create classes following the topics and study program

Create classes after school

Combine studying and testing in a lesson 

Access the system to study, do exercises and take exams

Follow the  timetable

Study everywhere at any time if having the Internet

Produce flexible reports

Update reports continuously with many types to meet the demand of the users 

Manage school study programs easily 

Manage question bank 

Export reports on subjects and study programs 

Export reports on users 

Export reports on the units

Control training quality and performance of students

The studying progress is daily updated. The school and teachers can follow the academic performance of students continuously.


The teachers and students can join classes easily everywhere at any time. 

Highly-secured examination

The exam information is highly-secured and cheating is prevented thanks to notices of violation.

Continuing tracking

The school and teachers can easily manage and track student performance.