Residence Management System
A residence management system for civil management agencies, Comittee of People in all levels, helping to manage the residence and business activities in the area
Manage accommodation facilities

The governing bodies can timely know the accommodation situation in their areas through the records of guests, helping them to fastly come up with the solutions when there is an abnormal situation in the area.

Manage residents

The governing bodies can manage the accommodation situation of the citizens who are not registered residents of this area, therefore they can remind and prevent the acts that affect the law and order.

Manage tax

The tax management agencies can mark and follow which units have not paid taxes or paid tax late.

Diverse platform

Users can use this portal on many platforms such as Web Application, Mobile Application

Friendly and easy-to-use platform

The managers and the declarers can approach the system easily without wasting time to get used to it.

Smart report

The portal can aggregate reports and flexibly summarize data under the form of Dashboard and Pivottable reports.

High performance

This system uses the modern database that boosts the processing speed, helping the customers to use it smoothly.