A task and human resource management system that helps enterprises manage their staff easier and promotes efficiency
Manage homepage

Provide all features of an internal social network

Exchange, create groups and posts to share experience

Create and follow reminders

Manage personnel records

Manage personnel records of units

Manage recruitment process

Manage contracts and insurance 

Manage working process

Manage health of the personnels

Manage the health records of personnels 

Search and add records 

Aggregate data and statistical reports 

Manage tasks

Manage tasks of departments and their members

Manage working schedule of the staff

Manage the moderation of information of personnels and administrative formalities

Manage attendance checking

Manage detail timesheet 

Manage shifts, day-offs, overtime 

Manage reports

Configure attendance checking

Manage employee payroll

Check employee payroll 

Manage money advance

Manage payroll data including accounts, allowances and exemptions

Manage payroll sheet of departments and staff

Manage records of individuals

Manage personal record

Send administrative formalities, change shifts 

Follow timesheet and payroll sheet

Manage general information

Manage subordinate units and departments 

Manage accounts and authorization 

Manage categories of the system

Easy management

The managers can manage the records of employees easily and professionally.


This system helps to save time for management and operation procedures, make rational decisions.

Accurate procedure

The procedures are correctly implemented following the enacted decisions.

Detailed report

The system can aggregate data, provide accurate reports.

Clear authorization

This system is likely to control the right to access the application. The functions are clearly authorized upon the requirements of users.