Diploma & Certificate Management
A diploma and certificate management system for all levels of training in all aspects 
Manage blank diplomas

Blank diploma templates

Information about cancelled blank templates

Registration of issuing blank diplomas

Manage diplomas & certificates

Printing of diplomas and certificates

Censorship and signing of diplomas and certificates 

Issuance and handling of damaged diplomas

Withdrawal of diplomas

Manage statistical reports

Reports on the provision of diplomas and certificates

List of students awarded diplomas

Search information

Search information about diplomas and certificates

Effective management

The users can update, search and follow statistics easily and accurately.

Fraud prevention

This system provides enough information and helps to search information about the diplomas and certificates to serve the examination and confirmation for the employers and prevent the use of fake diplomas.


The users can register to be issued an online copied diploma or certificate, helping to modernize the public services.