A customer relationship management system with advanced features, aiming at improving potential customer exploitation
Manage personal information

This system assists in following and managing the information of the customers including potential customers and those who had used or bought the services. The businesses then can formulate strategic plans for each group of customers. ​

Manage contact

Contact management feature of CRM helps the users to logically arrange the contact of businesses. They can follow calls to the customers and analyse to approach them via email and other methods.

Manage transactions

This feature allows the users to manage transactions between their businesses with assigned customers. By this way, they can know customer trends and customer experience while purchasing their products and then developing sales.  

Manage customer service staff

The managers can manage the behaviors of their customer service staff when calling and supporting the customers to use the products or to maintain contact.

Manage emails

The managers can manage actions with the emails of customers in order to implement marketing, product introduction, advertisement or surveys on product quality.

Efficient management

The administrator can easily manage the centralization in the CRM system. The administrator can arrange and manage the statistics quickly and logically.

Reasonable plan formulation

The system helps the users to formulate strategies to bridge the gap between the businesses and potential customers to win orders.