ViECommerce Platform
A platform that is integrated with smart payment method, aiming at developing easy-to-use features to create pleasant experience for the customers
Exchange, buy and sell goods

An attractive feature that helps the viewers to save time on searching needed products and optimizes the convenient experience objectives for the users.

Manage the shopping cart

This feature facilitates the customers in shopping and creating a list of favorite goods.

Review products

The customers who had used the services can comment their thoughts on services after using it. This also helps customers who approach the services have more information and trust on the products and creates the profession for the platform.

Manage statistics

The system can produce statistics on the views of pages, products, visitors, most visited pages, most searched keywords and so on. It builds the trust in the suppliers and the buyers of the system.

Diverse platforms

Users can use this portal on many platforms such as Web Application andMobile Application.

Friendly and easy-to-use interface

The users can easily manipulate to purchase goods without wasting time to get used to the platform.

High performance

Education portals use modern database structure, helping to increase the processing speed of the system so that the users can use features smoothly.

Effective management

The administrator can easily manage the procedures of the purchase orders via the cross checking and order management system.