A platform that supports unit data synchronization and centralized storage, helping to manage and export data easily
Manage units

Manage information about units and create the linkage following the dependent unit model

Archive documents

Build the data mart following the centralized model

Manage the flexible reports

Build the procedure and model of reports upon the requirements of the users

Archive data

Build the massive data warehouse by integrating and importing

Manage BI system

Build the data models and design dashboard to produce specialized reports

Massive data warehouse

The data warehouse can archive and process a massive number of data up to Terabyte and Petabyte.

Efficient process of large amounts of data

It can quickly calculate a large amount of data or time-varying data.

High load-bearing capacity

It provides the systems with high load-bearing and fault tolerance abilities.

Diverse archiving ability

It can archive structured, unstructured and semi-structured data that other databases cannot process.

Requirement satisfaction

It brings enormous benefits to the users with the ability to archive and process data.

Data analyst

It provides data for report analyst, AI, data science.