A virtual assisstant with an ability to self-study and respond to different topics, bringing the experience of interacting with human
Manage chatbot

Manage bots with certain scenarios, intents and entities for each bot and manage live chat

Manage knowledge

Manage the knowledge domain of bots that have data with numerous fields of information needing a different management

Use lots of technology

System services: Java Core

Database for fast querying: Redis Cluster, ActiveMQ

Archive database: MongoDB, MySQL, Elasticsearch

Supported platform: Redhat OS, CentOS, Ubuntu OS

Diverse platforms

Cyberbot supports all platforms of conversation such as Website, Facebook, Messenger, Skype, Line, VoIP Call Center


Cyberbot assists the interaction with the data of the enterprises to help the customers update accurate information quickly.

Serial messages response

Cyberbot helps to create mass of notification in a certain time or periodically to approach potential customers quickly and effectively.