Business Analyst
8,000,000 - 15,000,000
Job overview
  • Sales
  • Vacancy
  • Office location
    No.323, 324 East Tower, Hoc vien Quoc phong Apartment Building, Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Xuan La, Tay Ho, Hanoi
  • Hạn ứng tuyển
Contact information
  • Contact
    Ms. Nguyen Thu Hien
  • Phone number
  • Email
Job description

Main responsibility:

  • Analyze and design new products

  • Update available products

  • Support the product handover, acceptance testing and product billing


Job detail:

- Product analysis and design

  • Survey the requirements of the customers. As usual, Viettel AM will meet and contact the customers. Therefore, BA just needs to work with Viettel AM remotely.

  • Research the similar products of other companies in the domestic and foreign market

  • Create the list of features of the products

  • Design product layout

  • Work with the designer to design the interface of the products

  • Work with the developer team to build product flows

  • Work with the project coordinators to build the procedures for the development of the products

  • Work with the QA team to test the products

  • Cooperate with the customers to implement and hand over the products

- Product update

  • Evaluate the features of the products that need improvement

  • Refer to other similar products in the market to come up with the solutions to update products

  • Implement the procedures to build new products after the agreement on solutions to update the products

- Product handover, acceptance testing and product billing

  • Build the quotation aligned with the standard of Ministry of Information and Communications; cooperate with the developer team, designer and QA team to build the handover documents aligned with the regulations of Viettel.

  • Have basic knowledge of web programming (backend) by PHP on a company framework which has been developed over 13 years. The main application groups include enterprise and school websites, Government portals, LMS, HRM and  e-commerce.

  • Manage source code with SVN

  • The leader will guide step by step

  • Manage the tasks and projects by the project management system of the company

  • Work with the development and testing team to optimize, fix errors and develop new features

Job requirements
  • Knowledge of UML and ability to draw use case map and operation map

  • Ability to draw mockup (on paper or any tools)

  • Basic knowledge of database design

  • Ability to use some management systems

  • Understanding of the basic UI - UX rules (train more at work)

  • Understanding of  the concept of App and Web product design 

  • Communication skill to communicate well with the partners

  • Teamwork skill

  • Income: 8,000,000 - 15,000,000; salary review every 3 months

  • Full-time employee consideration and salary increment after 2-3 months of probation; social insurance package aligned with Vietnamese law

  • Annual leave: 12 days per year

  • Creative and dynamic working environment with enthusiastic colleagues

  • Annual travel, team building activities, company events, parties and monthly birthday celebrations

  • Working time: Monday - Saturday (2 Saturday off per month). Morning: 8h-12h, afternoon: 13h30-17h30